Sep. 18th, 2008

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This article I read from CNN/Wall Street Journal does a reasonable job of explaining some of what's been going on in terms of markets, government reactions, and other factors. They do compare it to the 1930s, but say that at least we have some mitigating institutions this time around....
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I forgot to mention that I won Settlers of Catan last week at Taco Night. I am also ashamed to admit that I did not have sufficient faith that I would get the cards I needed, so I bought crack (aka a development card) and won with a victory point card. *hangs head in shame* I would not feel so bad except that I got the resource cards I would have needed to win during my final roll to begin my turn....LOL!
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Just to inform everyone, it looks like all the lanes of Euclid Avenue through University Circle will be finished and open tomorrow morning. They have been putting the final thin layer of blacktop on the road overnight for the past couple days, and when I got home from class tonight they were finishing the last few side street intersections to smooth it all together.

For those not familiar they have been working on the multimillion dollar Euclid Corridor project for the past several years, completely rebuilding the entire length of the road from East Cleveland to Public Square downtown over the past two years or so. They have installed significant new utility pipes and wires the whole way underground and are running double long buses with center median stops the entire length. It has been utter hell for me considering I pretty much need to travel down or at least cross Euclid Avenue briefly to get anywhere downtown or to the west side of the city. But thankfully it is looking wonderful and nearly completed at this point.

Yarr!!! (That's pirate speak for yay!)

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