Apr. 28th, 2008


Apr. 28th, 2008 11:57 pm
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I've not posted anything worthwhile in months now. I'm sure y'all noticed my lack of journaling, though not too exceptional for the past year or two. This is actually not a big exception either. I'm mostly writing to say that I don't have time to write yet....LOL

Things I should write about might be my trip to DC with Patrick, Easter, the North Coast Men's Chorus concert with Bernadette Peters, the arrival of spring, and who knows what else. I still hope to write about the big stuff, as I have some pictures for some things too. But that will have to wait.

The main reason for my lack of writing is that school is once again trying to kick my ass and I am once again fighting back as best I can. Year one was definitely the easy one. year two has proven challenging, and I suspect year three will be as well. I am in the final two weeks of the semester, and have two items for each class (exam, paper, presentation, and take-home exam.) I'm pretty much living school these days outside of work. I am quite glad that the end of the semester fell between my deadline times for Chorus stuff, otherwise I'd be SOL.

Anyhow, just a quick recap of the day, then back to my power point presentation. Work was pretty sucky. Office Manager was super-bitchy from the moment I got in. He's playing the reassert control thing for whatever reason in recent weeks and especially today. I muddled through, trying to just be focused and efficient and stay out of his line of sight whenever possible.

After work I hit the gym. I've been very consistent at the gym in recent weeks, after a very flaky March workout schedule. I'm trying to push forward, especially with summer approaching and the trip to Miami in July. I did chest and legs on Friday, and my legs hated me passionately on Sunday....the workout soreness was such that I felt like I was walking bowlegged and occasionally felt a bit queasy from the soreness. Note that it was all soreness from exertion and not from injury....no worries. I have been struggling with wrist pain for weeks now, which is some amount of injury....as best I can tell I just need to be careful and give it time, but I think it's equal parts from workout and from work, so I am working through it, as it is sometimes extremely unpleasant but not debilitating. Today's workout was abs and arms. It was highly efficient, and I was energetic and pleased with my effort....arms are always instant gratification.

After workout I met with my group partner for Economic Development Finance. We are doing a presentation on a fake scenario of a pharmaceutical company interested in building a large manufacturing plant in Midtown Cleveland. Not an especially likely scenario, but it's to prove a point that large industrial sites can be assembled in urban areas and can be competitive with suburban or rural sites. It's been challenging, but I think we are going to show that if you have a company truly interested in being near the health care centers of Cleveland, it can be done, the financials can be competitive, and with the government and non-profit sectors coming together to provide incentives and workforce preparedness, it could be a superior opportunity for major job creation. So anyhow, if a major pharma company decided it's a good idea to build a plant in Cleveland at some point, remember you heard it here first.

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