Feb. 6th, 2008

zuptd: (demanding)
Ok, I know it's a bit late to be making predictions about Super Fat Tuesday with many of the results in already. So let me say that what I'm saying is what I've thought for several days now, and not a terribly surprising statement.

My feeling has been that Super Tuesday would see McCain pull closer to sealing the Republican nomination and the Democratic race still indecisive. I think based upon what results are in so far this will bear out in the end. The reality is that McCain may be the Republican nominee by the time of Ohio's primary, but the Democratic race may still be up in the air.

It is interesting, amidst the McCain-Romney talk to see the Huckabee factor. I know it's actually been talked to death in terms of splitting the very conservative vote, but to actually see him winning many of the southern states is interesting and bodes interestingly toward the hinting some have made that Huckabee could be the Veep for the ticket to secure the conservatives and the southeast a bit more. Just one thing I've heard thrown about the airwaves in recent weeks.

Anyhow, we shall see how California speaks this evening yet, but I still think things are not quite over, possibly in both parties...

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