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I wish someone could have warned me that the work forecast for today would be mostly cunty with sudden severe squalls of bitchiness. I would have found an excuse to stay home.

Patrick and I had dinner at the Winking Lizard tonight. It was too late in the month, and they were already out of the glass of the month, but dinner was quite enjoyable. Afterward I finally got groceries, since I was out of everything basically.

Grocery side note: I think the Torontonians liked the Lindeman's Shiraz that I brought up for sharing. Lindeman's is an Australian wine producer. In interesting news, Lindeman's now has South African wines as well....they had Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cab, and Merlot at the store in a special display for only $5.99. I bought a Shiraz to see how they compare.

I've gotten my Toronto pics off the camera. Now I just need to spend some time sorting and prepping and posting them. Expect to see them this weekend sometime. I'm feeling better, having gotten nearly 8 hours of sleep last night. I'm actually more tired that I was the day after my 4 hour night, but my emotional state is much improved.

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