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Weekend has been good....spent a reasonable amount o time with the new guy. We have not officially defined the relationship at this point, but it's clear that it's developing toward something.

I had him over for dinner on Friday night in a somewhat impromptu move. We discussed it prior, but didn't nail down our plans until right beforehand. I didn't even decide waht I was making until he was already here, but it was all ok. We had lots of time to chat and learn more about each other in the process. We really enjoyed our evening.

We had a lot of intimate time, but we kept things at a reasonable pace at this point. I was really remarkably happy that there seemed to be a congruency in our pacing. There wasn't a lot of awkwardness or miscommunication. I didn't feel like I had to either push things too much or put on the brakes. But there is definitely a physical attraction and connection for both of us.

And my worries continue to dissipate. The conversational connection continues to grow and develop. I think we are pretty good at communicating and sharing info about ourselves and keeping it fresh so far. I did not feel a lot of awkward conversational moments either, and we were able to intersperse conversation and intimacy fairly well without abruptness. All very important.

Another friend invited us to a little wine and cheese party he was having and we had a good time there as well, interacting with a lot of new folks. It was very nice.

So, I'm going to ask him to be my date for the Chorus' Hearts on Fire cabaret benefit for sure...he's already going to be there as part of the performance portion of the evening, but this will allow him to spend time with me enjoying dinner and the silent auction and such. :)

I'm also seriously mulling getting us tickets to see Billy Joel here in Cleveland in April. I forget if I mentioned that Billy Joel was coming to town, but he is, and I really want to see him. I just am also cognizant that tickets are $88 each plus the exorbitant processing fees that they charge. That means that I seriously need to evaluate the financial tradeoffs and what I might need to sacrifice or postpone before I go and drop almost $200 in one shot. But, this may be the only chance to see him in concert....who knows if he'll be back here anytime. The only other time I've gotten to see him perform was in 1994, and I'm sure that if he does come to the area again on tour the ticket prices will not be any lower....so that's something that I want to mull for a couple days and then jump on if I plan to get anyting other than nosebleeds...

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