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I'm kinda confused and upset right now. Somehow my MySpace got hijacked. But somehow I got it back because the person who had it still had my e-mail address in it and I was able to retreive a password. However, all info, including my friends list was emptied out and minimal info on the new person was in there. It just does not make sense to me.

Anyone got any insight?

Update: I was somewhat wrong earlier. My Myspace was actually under a different e-mail address that I forgot to try when I was attempting to log in....I use it so seldom that I do not even remember which e-mail address I registered it under.

However, this other account was using one of my other e-mail addresses. I think this means someone was using it as a fake account from which to spam myspace users. Although, I suppose it's possible to register an account in myspace and accidentally mistype your e-mail address such that you can't figure out how to log in....thus why there was only the most basic of info in the account....implausible, but who knows?!?

Still, it's just wierd.
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Hmm...the name of someone who lived in my college dorm suddenly popped into my head. It was this guy who I never socialized with and whom I have not given one thought in the past 8 years. Suddenly I could picture him in my mind once I realized what the name was. He has absolutely no significance to me, so I'm not sure what to think of this randomness.

In other news, I went to three picnics over the weekend. All different and all thoroughly enjoyable. I wish that I could socialize with more of my friends who I don't see very often....except I'd be fat very quickly that way....LOL.

This week is a very busy week of meetings and events in the evenings. I'm looking forward to June thru August, as I think they should be pleasant and relaxing to a certain extent. I'm anticipating a few trips to Blossom to see the Orchestra again this summer. I think I'll do a better job of organizing social outings to the concerts this year....I feel like celebrating my birthday again by an orchestra potluck picnic like we did for 29.

There is so much I should write, but I'm never motivated when I have the time to actually write. I also need to check that I've responded to any comments that need responding. I also am wondering where is my Allie.....Canadia is being awfully quit in general these days on LJ.
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I am off to bed shortly, much later than planned. There were significant amounts water dripping through my ceiling when I got home around 10:30 tonight. I called the landlord and he drove over. In the meantime, I put out buckets and moved significant amounts of stuff out from the closet and the area surrounding it where the water was dripping....I worried about papers and my computer which was nearby.

My landlord ripped a 3 foot hole in the ceiling to see what was going on after draining the water. Evidently the Chinese or Korean parents of the people upstairs had been using some mini washing machine and it sent water through the floor or somesuch.....a hell of a lot of water for such a small thing. So nothing was ruined of mine, but the landlord will need several days to repair the ceiling...oy. And I lost a couple hours of useful time. The upshot is that this will force me to sort papers and clean this weekend to reduce the clutter-chaos that has been growing in my place.

In other news, I've had a good week of workouts, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday so far. I hope to get in to the rec center on Saturday or Sunday as well. I think that I am actually making some real progress now. The bad soreness is pretty much gone from my left wrist from a couple months ago, however, this afternoon I started to have a bad pain from my right thumb....hopefully it's just a strain that will go away soon.

I found out my grades earlier in the week. I miraculously got A's in both of my classes, so I guess those extra hours of stress the last few weeks really paid off. I need to register for my fall classes and do my financial aid paperwork. I also need to get my resume improved so I can start shopping around for jobs.

Anyhow, I am passign out, so it is time to get to bed.
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Hmm....minor distraction from my school papers.

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] syducingfate.

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Just FYI, next time I am in Seattle (someday...) I want to go to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. I just read of its existence at Seattle Center a minute ago while taking a mental break.

On another note, I am working on my 20ish pages of papers and my studying for tomorrow's exam. This is a quick rest break before I dig back into that stuff. I'm kindof stressy all week, and I pray that I can do a good job and create good papers by my deadlines...

I expect that Friday night will be a time of great relief (and I hope that I'm not so exhausted that I crash and burn at that point.)


Apr. 28th, 2008 11:57 pm
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I've not posted anything worthwhile in months now. I'm sure y'all noticed my lack of journaling, though not too exceptional for the past year or two. This is actually not a big exception either. I'm mostly writing to say that I don't have time to write yet....LOL

Things I should write about might be my trip to DC with Patrick, Easter, the North Coast Men's Chorus concert with Bernadette Peters, the arrival of spring, and who knows what else. I still hope to write about the big stuff, as I have some pictures for some things too. But that will have to wait.

The main reason for my lack of writing is that school is once again trying to kick my ass and I am once again fighting back as best I can. Year one was definitely the easy one. year two has proven challenging, and I suspect year three will be as well. I am in the final two weeks of the semester, and have two items for each class (exam, paper, presentation, and take-home exam.) I'm pretty much living school these days outside of work. I am quite glad that the end of the semester fell between my deadline times for Chorus stuff, otherwise I'd be SOL.

Anyhow, just a quick recap of the day, then back to my power point presentation. Work was pretty sucky. Office Manager was super-bitchy from the moment I got in. He's playing the reassert control thing for whatever reason in recent weeks and especially today. I muddled through, trying to just be focused and efficient and stay out of his line of sight whenever possible.

After work I hit the gym. I've been very consistent at the gym in recent weeks, after a very flaky March workout schedule. I'm trying to push forward, especially with summer approaching and the trip to Miami in July. I did chest and legs on Friday, and my legs hated me passionately on Sunday....the workout soreness was such that I felt like I was walking bowlegged and occasionally felt a bit queasy from the soreness. Note that it was all soreness from exertion and not from injury....no worries. I have been struggling with wrist pain for weeks now, which is some amount of injury....as best I can tell I just need to be careful and give it time, but I think it's equal parts from workout and from work, so I am working through it, as it is sometimes extremely unpleasant but not debilitating. Today's workout was abs and arms. It was highly efficient, and I was energetic and pleased with my effort....arms are always instant gratification.

After workout I met with my group partner for Economic Development Finance. We are doing a presentation on a fake scenario of a pharmaceutical company interested in building a large manufacturing plant in Midtown Cleveland. Not an especially likely scenario, but it's to prove a point that large industrial sites can be assembled in urban areas and can be competitive with suburban or rural sites. It's been challenging, but I think we are going to show that if you have a company truly interested in being near the health care centers of Cleveland, it can be done, the financials can be competitive, and with the government and non-profit sectors coming together to provide incentives and workforce preparedness, it could be a superior opportunity for major job creation. So anyhow, if a major pharma company decided it's a good idea to build a plant in Cleveland at some point, remember you heard it here first.
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Memphis State and Kansas going into overtime in the NCAA championship game!!!1!!!one1!!

I'm actually not even watching the game, but I checked the score online at just the moment when they were tied up and the clock ran out....so, I'm excited nonetheless!


Andy <-- so easily amused
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So many little things to talk about....and not much time to talk about them, as I have committed myself to getting to be earlier.

First off, Patrick and I went to Ash Wednesday Mass at my church along with my friend Meghan. Meghan had shared with me a dinner of beans and rice beforehand that was very tasty. The Mass was a very good spiritual experience.

For my Lenten act of penitence and such I am committing myself to getting to bed earlier on work nights and getting to work on time. This is a challenging one for me, but it was one of my big goals for the year (which I still have not written about here) and this is a good way to push myself to accomplish it.

In March, Patrick and I are planning to go to Washington DC during spring break to visit my cousin and my friend John. He has never been before, so there is a lot of sightseeing to be done.

At the end of March, the North Coast Men's Chorus will be doing a concert with Broadway star Bernadette Peters. We'll only get to sing one song with her, at the end of her set, but we'll be opening the show, and she will be accompanied by the wonderful Cleveland Pops Orchestra. I am so excited about the entire event!

And finally in notes about events, we will be traveling to Miami in July for the quadrennial GALA Choruses festival. We are performing the wonderful set of songs that we are opening Ms. Peters' show with. I am so looking forward to the trip, to seeing dozens of other Gay and Lesbian choruses perform, and all that. We are tentatively going via DC where we'll be attending my friend John's wedding.

That's all I have time for...I'm up later than intended already. More to come soon I hope.
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Ok, I know it's a bit late to be making predictions about Super Fat Tuesday with many of the results in already. So let me say that what I'm saying is what I've thought for several days now, and not a terribly surprising statement.

My feeling has been that Super Tuesday would see McCain pull closer to sealing the Republican nomination and the Democratic race still indecisive. I think based upon what results are in so far this will bear out in the end. The reality is that McCain may be the Republican nominee by the time of Ohio's primary, but the Democratic race may still be up in the air.

It is interesting, amidst the McCain-Romney talk to see the Huckabee factor. I know it's actually been talked to death in terms of splitting the very conservative vote, but to actually see him winning many of the southern states is interesting and bodes interestingly toward the hinting some have made that Huckabee could be the Veep for the ticket to secure the conservatives and the southeast a bit more. Just one thing I've heard thrown about the airwaves in recent weeks.

Anyhow, we shall see how California speaks this evening yet, but I still think things are not quite over, possibly in both parties...
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So, I just realized that last Thursday was the 1 year anniversary of my first date with my boyfriend Patrick. I guess we both forgot the exact date, assuming that is the date we are going to use for our anniversary for now. Thank goodness for my LJ so I can look that sort of stuff up.

It's also right around a year since my grandfather passed away....later this week I think. What a mixed time of happy and sad.

It's been since before Christmas that I last wrote here. Motivation to journal is very hard to come by these days. It comes of being determined to really stay on top of things in my life right now. I'm moving through a lot of major stuff for the Men's Chorus at the moment and covering a lot of ground on that. I am also into week 3 of the new semester of grad school, and trying to keep motivated to stay on top of all my reading and studying there too.

I had intentions to post my Christmas letter, do a 2007 goals review, and set my new goals for this year right at the beginning of the month. Obviously my lacking motivation stopped that from happening in a timely fashion. But that's ok, as I'm actually doing things that are accomplishing my goals (I worte them, just have not posted them.)

Anyhow, I'm going to wrap things up and get to bed. I'm putting LJ onto my to-do list so that I can feed everyone a good dose of writing about my life.
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K folks, I’m trying out to the Microsoft Boise recognition software. It’s something that just popped up on windows for me and recently and I’m was very intrigued by the whole thing. Obviously it’s not doing a really great job but it’s actually pretty impressive how well it understands me already had. Hopefully if I keep working with that it will do a little better job in the bench where we’ll have to be among the corrections.

While it even understands how to make a new paragraph in such. Whoops that was supposed to be a while one not to while. Well, it seems to understand my end of a sentence is and paragraphs but certain words given problems. I’ve been trying to spell out a that it keeps misunderstanding, but it also misunderstand the letters. Hopefully I can slowly train it so that it will understand and we use: not for me to actually did take that long and trees and paragraphs and things. That was really bad.

Well, I tried swearing a lot and the software did not understand barely anything except a war of the PM dam and damned and Dan and damn damn damn. Anyhow, it is getting late and I need some sleep up. We’ll be fully all have time to play with this a little more over the holiday season. I look forward to the day when I’m able to not type and just dictate everything. You would not believe how many mistakes I corrected in this, but the current sentence is all as is. Pretty amazing, isn’t it! Who I can do! I also taught it to understand my last name.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great week. I will be doing very well once I’m done with classes for the semester. But for the next two days I’m stressing big time.
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A couple more things in my head as I alternately relax and accomplish things.

First, one of my stumbling blocks to feeling good was the silence in my apartment. I put on some music in the background, and that has made all the difference in my mood.

I also have done some cleaning around the house and sorting of piles. This is always great for my mood when I am down and/or frustrated, but it has meant that I have not gotten as much of my high priority stuff done as I would like yet. Inevitably I am able to work more efficiently though when I have reduced clutter and distraction around me.

In the process of looking for my autographed photo of Henry Mancini (it came up in a conversation yesterday) I managed to find my microphone for my computer which I've been missing for the past two years or so. Now I can attempt to do voice chat again at some point! That make me a bit happy...I just hope it works when I try it.

Anyhow, there are a few more mundane thoughts from me. I shall now return to another round of doing work and ordering chaos.
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Hey all,

LJ told me that I have not updated in 5 weeks. I probably had not read anything in that long until yesterday either. So here I am updating because the things I had intended to do were not possible.

I was going to go to the Computer lab to work on a GIS mapping assignment, however the lab was closed and in fact the building was locked. I would not be so upset except that I asked if it would be open today during the week, and I was told yes. I just wrote a letter to several professors/administrators expressing my frustration. So, I went over to the gym early to work out instead, but they were closing at 4 PM so I could not get in my workout either. This was my own fault, however I still felt frustrated.

I did manage to clean my whole bathroom this morning and to do some work on Chorus stuff. I need to work toward being so much more efficient and on-task these next couple weeks, as I have an amazing amount of stuff to get done. It's going to be highly challenging for me to manage, but I think I can do it.

Things with Patrick are going well. We've had several rough spots in the past month, but we have managed to work through them and I think that our relationship is stronger today. We had a nice outing together with my family a couple weeks back for dinner and wine at a local winery. Yesterday we went Christmas shopping for the entire afternoon and really had a good time. We got some great deals, and I discovered a couple game stores at Great Northern Mall. They had a strategy board game, "Power Grid" that my brother has highly recommended, that I am considering buying for future Taco Night fun.

Anyhow, I wish I felt like writing more, but I need to jump to different stuff that needs to get done. I've found that the darker season is getting to me some...difficult to adjust...so I've been feeling just a bit tired and depressed lately, no doubt contributed to by my stress levels this fall. My apartment just feels so cold and dark sometimes, so I need to keep myself active to keep my energy and mood up.
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Hmm...my postings are few and far between these days. I've been massively busy with school of course. And I've also been using facebook as a primary vehicle for keeping in contact with folks of recent.

Anyhow, on a frivolous note, I counted up my beer glasses that I have collected over the years, mainly from the Winking Lizard, and I currently have 42 different glasses if my mastery of counting is still intact all these years after kindergarten. I was kindof impressed with my ability to accumulate over time, or maybe with how old that means I truly am, if I could have gotten no more than 1 per month. Well, potentially I could own a bit over 120 different beer glasses, assuming they never repeated them, which they do now and then. But there have been entire years where I have barely set foot at the Lizard, sadly, so 42 is a lot regardless.

I hope that I can summon up the money to buy a big glass fronted cabinet to display the beer glasses in sometime in the next year. That would be very kewl indeed.

Speaking of beer, I hope that I am able to go to the Biermarket (I think that's the spelling) over by the West Side Market next month with some friends who I've been meaning to do that with for several years. They are a beer bar with some finger foods that specializes in Belgian beers. I have never been so I am greatly anticipating.

Oh, since I am talking about alcohol and drinking type topics....a few more things to mention.
  • In recent events, I went out on Thursday with some college folks to informally celebrate my old roommate Andrew's marriage. They were having a small ceremony this weekend for mostly family, so we had a little bar crawl get together. It was a fun time. I miss those folks.
  • Union Station reopened here in Cleveland after a week or so of remodeling. I am very impressed. They've incorporated some Asian influences with some rice papery drop boxes over the lighting fixtures, some interesting bambooish stats decorating the ceiling in places, and such. The colors are earthy brown tones with neat patterned wood paneling, and some small tile sections from dark brown and yellowish crystalline tiles. They installed bench seating all along the one wall, and the tables and stools are all in dark shades of wood. They have huge mirrors framed in a mahogany colored frame above the bench seating so people facing the mirrors can watch the video through the mirrors if they want. The sound seemed a bit more listenable, and the video screen placement seems to be improved. Overall, the atmosphere is very much more sophisticated. I approve.
  • The first weekend in November should be fun. On Friday, Patrick's one boss is having us over for wine and desserts. Then on Saturday, my friend Jerry will be having another wine and cheese party hosted at his new boyfriend's house. I'm very much looking forward to that.

So, that's about it from me. Work still sucks. The relationship is still going well. Life is still frantically busy. And I am still enjoying school despite my current workload. Sometime soon I need to talk about Chorus stuff around here. There's a lot of great stuff happening this season, and a potential big announcement in the near future. Good stuff!
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I wish someone could have warned me that the work forecast for today would be mostly cunty with sudden severe squalls of bitchiness. I would have found an excuse to stay home.

Patrick and I had dinner at the Winking Lizard tonight. It was too late in the month, and they were already out of the glass of the month, but dinner was quite enjoyable. Afterward I finally got groceries, since I was out of everything basically.

Grocery side note: I think the Torontonians liked the Lindeman's Shiraz that I brought up for sharing. Lindeman's is an Australian wine producer. In interesting news, Lindeman's now has South African wines as well....they had Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cab, and Merlot at the store in a special display for only $5.99. I bought a Shiraz to see how they compare.

I've gotten my Toronto pics off the camera. Now I just need to spend some time sorting and prepping and posting them. Expect to see them this weekend sometime. I'm feeling better, having gotten nearly 8 hours of sleep last night. I'm actually more tired that I was the day after my 4 hour night, but my emotional state is much improved.
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Quick note.

I was up til 3 AM working on my paper last night....total sleep deprivation. Thank you coffee for keeping me going that long. I got my paper in, but I still have to do my other project that was due for tonight's class. This one stresses me out less though.

Overall I am in a better mood today. Work was bearable for the most part. I did not have any dozing issues all day, go figure....on 4 hours sleep nonetheless.

Friday is almost upon us, thank goodness. I must sleep well, work hard on school stuff, and get back to the gym this weekend. I think I can retake control of my life before Monday.

On that note, I've stayed up about an hour longer than intended. I will now go and make sure that I am sleeping soundly before midnight. I love you all!
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Well, I will eventually get a post with commentary and pictures about my long weekend in Toronto. It's just not going to happen before the weekend however. I'm going to rant for a moment and I ask those of you who read to not take it to heart too much, especially [livejournal.com profile] little_shaman. I love you all, and I don't want you to feel bad about anything, but perhaps you could take note and try to guide me in the right direction in the future when I am being weak willed about my own needs and priorities.

I'm just very stressed out right now. I should have gotten a lot more done over the weekend for school and I didn't. I was not able to finish my project for tonight's class, so I am going to stress out tonight finishing it and losing more sleep. And I did not finish my project for tomorrow's class, so I'll probably be spending all Friday evening finishing it so I can turn it in late as well. I'm so unhappy with myself about this.

And I stayed up too late all weekend especially the last night and it really has me off kilter and not able to pull late nights to get this stuff done now. Unfortunately I do not have time to catch up on sleep because of my two days in a row of 8:30 AM to 10 PM work/class. I'm lucky I have time to eat, and I have not gotten groceries yet, so I am getting by on not very much food options.

The other thing about not getting enough sleep is that I'm feeling very emotional and emotionally drained. It's really accentuating my doom-and-gloom about school and other things. And just the ending of the weekend was very emotional to me. I kinda fought off tears for the first several hours of my drive home. I've got a lot of emotions floating through my head that I'm not ready to talk to anyone about because I know I'm sleep deprived and I don't trust my emotions enough to talk about them. It's frustrating overall because I've got a lot of junk floating around inside of me, and I just have to try and put it all on hold and recovering on hold for 2-3 days and power march through life. I'm feeling so truly unpleasant right now.

But just another disclaimer line. I really did enjoy my weekend in Toronto, it's just bad timing to have a totally awful instant transition back to running full speed through real life. I hope I can get back to good again this weekend.
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I think that it's been better than a month since I last wrote. Probably longer since I wrote anything significant. This may or may not end up being significant, but I'll try.

First off I'd like to say a slightly premature farewell to summer. We'll have a couple more spells of warm weather before fall officially kicks in, but the current temperatures are quite pleasantly in the 60s F. It improves the fact that work has been variably sucky lately....at least I'm not a sweaty mess constantly.

Even before the weather cooled, I had the twin signs of Labor Day and the beginning of classes to clue me in that summer is waning. I've got two classes yet again for grad school this semester, as planned. The first is Real Estate Market/Development. Not the most anticipated of my classes personally, but I think I shall like it nonetheless. It's team taught by a professor and a bigwig from Colliers. They've both got unique personalities....I kinda had the Colliers guy pigeonholed, but I think I'm growing to respect him even if he's not likely to be the kind of personality I'd socialize with. Today we had Jane Campbell the former mayor of Cleveland in to talk to the class. We're going to have an assortment of the powerful and influential in real estate matters as speakers and panelists throughout the semester. In that sense this is very exciting, and we really will learn a lot, I think.

My other class is Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It's all computer based, basically maps tied to data....all the cool newspaper maps showing poverty rates or foreclosures or crime by area, etc, come from GIS (and many locally come right from my college!) So far it's not been exciting, as we are really in the basics, but I am expecting that I'll start to really enjoy it once we get to the real applications.

This weekend I'm off to Toronto for social time with the peeps up there. Others will be in town as well, so it's an extra special treat. I am a bit stressed out because I have projects due for both classes next week and I'll be in Toronto for nearly 4 days, but I'm feeling better about it today than I did a day or two ago. I'm trying to get myself prepped and packed, but I have a feeling that I'm going to be doing last minute right before I leave....sigh.

Anyhow, at some point I should write some overview of my summer because it was good and interesting. However, I'll save that until I'm freaking out less sometime in the next week.


Aug. 13th, 2007 12:42 am
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Ok, instead of posting updates of the past few weeks of my life and the many kewl, fun things that I've done, I'm posting about gross invertebrates.

I was just walking from my car after a night out celebrating [livejournal.com profile] endlessodyssey birthday. And there sliming its way across the sidewalk was the hugest slug I have ever seen! It was like six inches long and fat and brownish grey. I'm so glad I did not step on it, because that would have been possibly the grossest thing EVAR! Sorry if that freaked anyone out. At least it wasn't as gross as house centipedes....
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Click to view my Personality Profile page

I'm glad to have found a site that makes taking the test and posting it so easy. You'll note that I'm pretty fixed along all the axes except for the T/F which is close to even. When I've retaken these sorts of tests over the past few years I've seen myself flip between ENFP and ENTP on occasion. Pretty insightful stuff really...
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