Nov. 6th, 2008

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I'm going to break with the jubilation of Obama and the sadness over Prop 8 in California to make a quick observation about Sarah Palin before we let her go back to governing Alaska for the time being.

All I really want to note is that a potentially lasting effect of the current election is that John McCain has ensured that Sarah Palin will potentially be a significant player in the Republican Party in the near future. His pick as vice-presidential running mate catapulted her from being known in limited circles to being recognizable across the entire nation (world even) by anyone not in a coma or a cave. The end result at the moment is that she has been through the grinder and national spotlight, she probably knows what she needs to improve upon if she wants to run nationally again. As the running mate the defeat doesn't taint her that much. And she survived without any particularly damaging scandal (trooper-gate is closed seemingly) beyond her own naivete and lack of polish.

Just a note on ramifications for the future.
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On another note in the midst of all the big items on the political stage:

I just came across the fact that the Democrats have a majority in the Ohio House of Representatives for the first time since probably I was very young. Who knows what the full effect will be, but I hope it means positive things in the upcoming budget cycle for certain economic development programs and for the atmosphere for LGBT folks here too.... The Ohio Senate is still Republican, but every little bit helps.

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