Nov. 5th, 2008

zuptd: (happyzup)
Well, one thing I am pleased about, that is not dependent on who won, is that Ohio is not the poster child for electoral dysfunction this year. It was gettign very old these last 8 years to be looked at askance with regard to our voting problems. Little things like this give me great hope for my state even.

Another thought is that I feel like I am empowered, if there is something that President Obama does or supports that I think is just stupid, to speak up and have my voice heard and affect the outcome. I don't want to feel like my voice is likely to be ignored in the political process. This feels much better.

And I still have the greatest respect for John McCain....I think that he would have done a good job too. I was despairing of recent that I had to choose between two candidates both of whom I disagree with about many issues. But in actuality I got to choose between two candidates, both of whom seem to me to be upstanding capable leaders and both of whom I share a certain number of agreements with. I'm feeling very glass-half-full finally for some reason. :)

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