Aug. 21st, 2008

zuptd: (contented)
I just spent the last 45 minutes chasing what I believed to be the moon....I could not catch it however, which was quite frustrating. I wish I had the keys to a tall building so I could look for it easier because I swear it was hiding from me.

I know it sounds insane, but it's true....all I wanted was a good picture of the supposed moon because it was an unearthly orange glowing object in the sky whose beauty and hauntingness I cannot really express.

I saw it through the skyscrapers of downtown Cleveland while I was travelling over the Main Avenue bridge. When I got to a place I could stop, however, I could not sight it, so I wound my way through the streets of the east side looking for a view to no avail, it was like it evaporated. I started wonderign if I had had a vision or saw an illusion or a UFO. I tried to find it from the top of a CSU parking garage and then from the rapid platform down the streeet frommy apartment eventually. No luck. Then as I was going down my street to park my car I saw a faint glow in the sky to the east. I think what happened was that the cloud cover was shifting from medium to heavy and back and it was causing both the beauty of the object and also the dissappearance of the moon most of the time. I only wish I had been able to stop onthe bridge and snap a pic of what I was seeing right then.

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