Jun. 11th, 2008

zuptd: (kitten)
I'm kinda confused and upset right now. Somehow my MySpace got hijacked. But somehow I got it back because the person who had it still had my e-mail address in it and I was able to retreive a password. However, all info, including my friends list was emptied out and minimal info on the new person was in there. It just does not make sense to me.

Anyone got any insight?

Update: I was somewhat wrong earlier. My Myspace was actually under a different e-mail address that I forgot to try when I was attempting to log in....I use it so seldom that I do not even remember which e-mail address I registered it under.

However, this other account was using one of my other e-mail addresses. I think this means someone was using it as a fake account from which to spam myspace users. Although, I suppose it's possible to register an account in myspace and accidentally mistype your e-mail address such that you can't figure out how to log in....thus why there was only the most basic of info in the account....implausible, but who knows?!?

Still, it's just wierd.

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