May. 23rd, 2008

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I am off to bed shortly, much later than planned. There were significant amounts water dripping through my ceiling when I got home around 10:30 tonight. I called the landlord and he drove over. In the meantime, I put out buckets and moved significant amounts of stuff out from the closet and the area surrounding it where the water was dripping....I worried about papers and my computer which was nearby.

My landlord ripped a 3 foot hole in the ceiling to see what was going on after draining the water. Evidently the Chinese or Korean parents of the people upstairs had been using some mini washing machine and it sent water through the floor or somesuch.....a hell of a lot of water for such a small thing. So nothing was ruined of mine, but the landlord will need several days to repair the ceiling...oy. And I lost a couple hours of useful time. The upshot is that this will force me to sort papers and clean this weekend to reduce the clutter-chaos that has been growing in my place.

In other news, I've had a good week of workouts, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday so far. I hope to get in to the rec center on Saturday or Sunday as well. I think that I am actually making some real progress now. The bad soreness is pretty much gone from my left wrist from a couple months ago, however, this afternoon I started to have a bad pain from my right thumb....hopefully it's just a strain that will go away soon.

I found out my grades earlier in the week. I miraculously got A's in both of my classes, so I guess those extra hours of stress the last few weeks really paid off. I need to register for my fall classes and do my financial aid paperwork. I also need to get my resume improved so I can start shopping around for jobs.

Anyhow, I am passign out, so it is time to get to bed.

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