Feb. 8th, 2008

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So many little things to talk about....and not much time to talk about them, as I have committed myself to getting to be earlier.

First off, Patrick and I went to Ash Wednesday Mass at my church along with my friend Meghan. Meghan had shared with me a dinner of beans and rice beforehand that was very tasty. The Mass was a very good spiritual experience.

For my Lenten act of penitence and such I am committing myself to getting to bed earlier on work nights and getting to work on time. This is a challenging one for me, but it was one of my big goals for the year (which I still have not written about here) and this is a good way to push myself to accomplish it.

In March, Patrick and I are planning to go to Washington DC during spring break to visit my cousin and my friend John. He has never been before, so there is a lot of sightseeing to be done.

At the end of March, the North Coast Men's Chorus will be doing a concert with Broadway star Bernadette Peters. We'll only get to sing one song with her, at the end of her set, but we'll be opening the show, and she will be accompanied by the wonderful Cleveland Pops Orchestra. I am so excited about the entire event!

And finally in notes about events, we will be traveling to Miami in July for the quadrennial GALA Choruses festival. We are performing the wonderful set of songs that we are opening Ms. Peters' show with. I am so looking forward to the trip, to seeing dozens of other Gay and Lesbian choruses perform, and all that. We are tentatively going via DC where we'll be attending my friend John's wedding.

That's all I have time for...I'm up later than intended already. More to come soon I hope.

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