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Mundana for the weekend:

Pride was cold and windy for most of the day, but at least it was not very wet. Had a good time, but the watchable manflesh was pretty low due to the weather I think. What can you do?

It was sunny and warmer today, so I got the bike out in the afternoon and did 10 good laps around the circular path at Edgewater Park. A few good runner sights to see, but mostly a lot of fat latino women waddling around. ;) After carrying the canopy tents for the Gay Chorus and the Gay Catholics into and out of the festival yesterday, and all the walking around, my legs were feeling well worked, so the biking was to great effect today. Yay for getting exercise!

Oh, and my garden is totally rocking this year. Last year's biggest disappointment was the death of most of my pepper plants. This year they look extremely healthy. I have been harvesting much leafy greens so far, but not much else yet. Lots of salads! The beans, cucumbers, and zucchini are all growing quickly. Tomatoes look healthy, and the basil is finally starting to gain some size. I put string up between the tall poles for my pole beans to climb this afternoon.

That is my mundane updating for the weekend.....oh, and I realized tonight that I have not had a meal at home except for breakfast cereal in close to a week. I need to slow down my eating out soon or I'll be fat and broke...
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