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RIP Geocities

That was where I first started my blog....where my online self lived as I was first meeting many of my close friends online....many of whom migrated here to LJ before I finally made the plunge. I remember when it was a separate entity before yahoo bought it. I remember hating evil yahoo and vowing not to use their search engine. I remember hand coding my blog pages. I remember when I loved Netscape Navigator and swore off using IE. Thankfully I now have firefox and again swear off IE for the most part. I remember learning a lesson about the perils of the internet when nasty right wingers landed upon something I said in my blog and tried to use it to harm my Catholic ministry group. I remember all the good times I had coding pages and bonding with folks over this shared world we had created, back before social networking opened up the net to every EMO teen and simpleton on the planet....not that access is a bad thing, but it was nice for a while to feel just a bit elite and just a bit special on account of web skills. I guess I am a web fogey to some extent....recalling the days before the web really existed and BBS was a mysterious thing my older friends did but I could not do since we had no modem...LOL! But yeah, good times.

RIP Geocities
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