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Hello July!

Ok, another few months have passed and I found enough time to feel guilty about neglecting LJ....LOL! I'm sure everyone is used to that by now. So no more lamenting....just time to catch everyone up on my life's goings on. It is summer, happily, but before I talk on that, let me tell you how we got to the present.

I finished off my graduate school days in May, coming out of Cleveland State with a Master of Urban Planning Design and Development (MUPDD) degree. The last semester was a very involved one, with two classes that demanded a lot of work, and only enough time to do about 1.5 of them adequately. Actually, our big capstone class was like two classes itself at times....it was a huge 30 person group project. I ended up taking a leadership role with that, which really sucked away my time....editing hundreds of pages of text. You can read our full report The Lakefront Revitalization Plan if you feel like slogging through a few hundred pages of text. Quite proud of the product, though a more compact report might have been nice. My other class, Urban Design, was fun, but got secondhand time because of the major overwhelmingness of the first. Lots of drawing and sketching that should have been fun, but was mostly rushed.

Some friends threw me a great graduation party, and even though I did not request gifts I got a lot of nice things. Now I am in need of finding a job that is in line with my degree. I'm still trying to get my resume up to par, but that is moving to the top of my priorities list very soon.

With my radically less stressed schedule I am doing a few things this summer. First, I planted a real garden for the first time here, rather than at my parents' house. There's a small area of green behind the apartments that my landlord cleared of overgrown bushes and flowers a couple months ago. In May I planted a selection of herbs and vegetables in an 8 x 6 foot area. I've got both cherry and regular tomatoes, an assortment of bell peppers and hot peppers, zucchini and yellow squash, a ton of carrots, oregano, chives, mint, basil, and thyme. Everything has been growing like crazy. At one point last weekend my tomato plants grew nearly 6 inches overnight....I might have been able to see them grow if I stood and stared for a few minutes!

As has become tradition, I also got my lawn ticket books for the Orchestra at Blossom Music Center this summer. We'll be starting that out July 5th with music by Copland and Gershwin (excerpts from Porgy and Bess), performed by the Orchestra, the Orchestra Chorus, and several vocal soloists. On my personal schedule for the summer is their Bravo Broadway! spectacular; more Gershwin (instrumental); either some Brahms or Mozart; a Sci-Fi Spectacular with music from Star Trek/Wars, Harry Potter, etc, narrated by George Takei; and a weekend of two shows featuring music from Frenchmen and Spaniards Berlioz, Faure, Ravel, Debussy, Ginastera, Lalo, Bizet and Falla. I am quite excited about getting out there and enjoying fine music, fine foods, and fine drinks.

More to come later, but that's a brief capsule of some of my recent and future life happenings. Glad to be back to LJ again for the moment.
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