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Quick update in bullets:
  • Autumn is here....I'm liking the weather.
  • Since last Friday, the water main on my street broke three times. This is one of the problems of living in an old city....the infrastructure is often 50 or 100 years old in places, and things like this just happen sometimes. My understanding is that when it breaks in one place, they fix that but it weakens a nearby area. This is a serious problem for many cities, that the sewer and water infrastructure needs replacing, but the cost would be in the trillions nationwide. But it's been fine for several days, so I'm hoping that's the last of miniature rivers I'll see flowing down my street edge this year.
  • I need to go out apple picking. I hope that somehow next weekend I have time to do that with my family. I've read that the apple crop is the best in years, and was only slightly beaten up by the post-Ike storms that rolled through.
  • Patrick and I went with a friend to the Orchestra last night. It was their return weekend from their summer residency in Salzburg and tour of Europe. They did the US Premier of a new commission by George Benjamin, and performed Bruckner's 7th Symphony. I think that's one of the favorite symphonies that I've seen/heard. The Benjamin piece was very different and quite modern, but totally captivating for me.
  • I had some major stress this week with school. It was mostly me feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about things. I am trying to get through some things this weekend to allow me to keep up and not be so stressed in the coming week.

I'm sure other things happened, but those are some highlights.

Date: 2008-09-27 04:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm loving autumn too whether it's in New York or anyplace else. One
of the supreme pleasures of this brief life is to bite into a cold,
crisp fall apple and the juice runs down your chin. Yums! I also like to bake pumpkin pies. The warm aroma of pumpkin and spices is overwhelming. ed

Date: 2008-09-28 02:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zuptd.livejournal.com
All yums!

And I get a bonus for catching the song reference in your comment...hehe.

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