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Friday night Patrick and I went to the "Industry and Labor" art show down in Tremont at Asterisk Gallery. It was based around art representing industry and industrial history here in Cleveland. There was a blacksmith there making wrought iron items. They had perogis (good ones!) and sausages there for appetizers that were really yummy. They had a bunch of photos from the local firefighting museum that is being built here in Cleveland, and a set of photos from the LTV Steel archives, plus several displays of photography by various artists of the indistrial flats, various neighborhoods, and such. There were items from a local artist named Derek Hess. They also had art that was created from the logos from the various the ships and shipping companies that worked on Lake Erie and the Great Lakes.

We went across the street to another gallery that was more upscale and commercialized. They had some rather expensive sculpture outside (read as things with three zeroes) and a mix of paintings, photography, and utilitarian items inside. They had a bunch of glass items that I think were made by the folks up at Josephat Arts Hall, which we visited a year or so ago. They were made from bottles heated and flattened; cheese boards made from wine bottles and lime cutting boards made from corona bottles. There were some very cool photo montages of Cleveland landmarks in interconnected frames.

There were also paintings of sports scenes (I assume from photographs) that were great for sportsy persons....there was one of Woody Hayes talking to players on the OSU sidelines that I'm very tempted to get for my dad. Not that he is interested in paintings, but I have this dream to redecorate my old bedroom at my parents' house as an OSU Buckeyes room for a present sometime. We'd paint it some combination of scarlet and grey, put up the painting, get him a sofa and chair in buckeyes colors, a bookshelf with all his OSU books, put in a mini-fridge, and run the cable back there so he can watch the football games....LOL, I just need to get my brother to pitch in on this and find an opportunity to do it. But I digress.

After the art galleries, Patrick and I had dinner at the Tremont restaurant Ty-Fun (pronounced Typhoon.) I’ve been meaning to go there for several years and the experience was a very great. Patrick ordered beef panang and I had a pad khi mao. My meal was a pretty spicy, so I was pleased, and the service was great. The prices were on the high end of moderate, and the portions were not huge but we left well fed. I need to learn more of the names for Thai dishes better.... The owners were both there and involved with the restaurant, and the experience was great....I think this will be another good option if [livejournal.com profile] bonoboboy and [livejournal.com profile] vorpal ever make it down to visit.

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